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BrokerTech Ventures Announces 2023 Cohort Class for Accelerator

Startups from across the U.S. and U.K. gain access to intentional engagement and distribution offerings through BrokerTech Ventures’ collective 27 agency and insurance company partners.

How Charity Trustees are making Risk Management work

The guidance for risk management published by the Charity Commission for England and Wales clearly states, “Charity trustees should regularly review and assess the risks faced by their charity in all areas of its work and plan for the management of those risks.”

ACN’s Dynamic Risk Model and Approach

Has the time has come for an improved approach to Risk Management? A need for an approach that reflects the current realities of the business…

What’s the best risk software for you in 2022?

Now in its 3rd year, the 2022 CIR Risk Software Report has just been released. For anyone thinking about buying, it’s a valuable resource and can help quickly narrow the field in what is an overcrowded marketplace.

The 14 Best Risk Management Software Companies in 2023

Whether your risk management software needs relate to ERM, EHS, GRC, Cyber Security, or even Investment exposures, this article has you covered…

How to use Key Risk Indicators to keep score

Implementing effective risk management in an organisation requires change. Starting with leaders and then cascading throughout the organisation. This kind of change takes hearts and minds, and the many current…

How effective business leaders prioritise risk

If you’ve ever thought about how to prioritise risk, then read on. Let’s first start by asking ourselves the question “How do effective business leaders prioritise risk?”. Their schedule is…

Risk identification and risk evaluation – a fresh perspective

Know what you know. And also what you don’t… The US Secretary of Defence at the time of the Iraq War post 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, famously fumbled through the concept…

Why risk management is important for your business

The worldwide economy is changing at a rapid pace Covid 19 has shaken worldwide markets and could be the catalyst for the next phase of our global economy. Given the…

Why most risk software solutions fail to build risk maturity

Danny Wong, CEO & Founder of GOAT Risk Solutions, takes a Q&A session with Software Comparison site, SourceForge to discuss the findings of extensive market research on risk maturity and the challenges for buyers within the risk management software marketplace.

How to get more value from Risk Management in your business

Founder & CEO of GOAT Risk, Danny Wong, talks with Beyond Exclamation about his mission to transform the perception of risk management from being a blocker that slows down progress to becoming the fuel that helps drive business growth.

What is your business best known for?

I don’t have all the answers, but offer a simple, slightly leading, and hopefully thought-provoking question:…  

HOW TO CHANGE ANYONE’S MIND 5 catalysts of change

We all want to change something or someone, whether it’s our new year resolutions to get fit, eat less, drink less or business plans to achieve more from less, grow…

What’s next for risk management in 2021

2020 is nearly gone and it will forever be remembered for the pandemic that has devasted the economy, businesses and our social lives.  I’ve heard risk managers say this is…

Risk Assessments in M&A and other Corporate Transactions

Lessons learned from a risk manager fighting for a seat at the table @Kin Ly from the Risk Leadership Network recently asked me whether I had experience conducting risk assessments related…

The CEO Mindmap

I remember sitting down with a newly promoted MD/CEO who had previously lead a successful business unit within the same organisation. When I asked about his priorities he showed me…

Turn your box ticking risk register into the CEO’s essential tool in 3 steps

There is consensus across business leaders and risk experts that risk management techniques are falling short resulting in a systemic ticking of the box which we all know serve little…

COVID-19 risk assessments

Despite best available science and data, government policies around lockdown, bailouts, returning to work will have significant unknowns, could lead to unexpected consequences and they must make risk and reward…

Every other day, a company is getting into trouble.

I used to think it couldn’t happen to us ….now it just seems like a question of WHEN?…and HOW BAD? Risk and uncertainty is a part of business as it’s impossible…

Why is risk management struggling to influence in the boardroom?

Is it because the highly paid and experienced Boards or Senior Executives running major businesses in a turbulent and competitive environment ignorant to risks?  Or is it possible, the risk…

Ready for take-off

I’m a slightly rare breed of risk manager in that I’ve spent my entire 19 year career in Enterprise Risk Management, punching above my weight in almost every stakeholder interaction…


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