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Scale risk with confidence

Introducing a simple yet powerful risk management ethos evolving from two decades of hands-on risk management experience and in-depth market research. GOAT disrupts the impact and perception of risk management.

  • Strengthen senior stakeholder engagement

    Good risk management is all about decision making, particularly by senior stakeholders. GOAT was built to address those very needs and perspectives.

  • Improve risk maturity and embed capability in the business

    Having a software is not about saving time. GOAT seeks to raise the value of risk management, embed organisational capability and raise the impact and perception of your risk function.

  • A data-led approach to risk management that helps inform decisions

    Data is a game changer for risk management in terms of sustainable value, decision making, and stakeholder engagement. We will support you to collect the right data, and seek out their implications.

GOAT RM ToolkitTM shows you how to make risk management a sustainable, value-adding capability in your organisation

From extensive market research and deep ERM experience, we have developed a powerful risk management ethos and set of guiding principles that will help you engage your senior stakeholders and step-change your risk management. This knowledge, including practical downloadable tools and templates are available through our Unlocking the Boardroom course in the GOAT RM ToolkitTM.

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GOAT RiskTM is a modern, secure and scalable cloud-based software solution that empowers your RM function

  • Provides a flexible platform that brings data into the risk dialogue.
  • Presents a single point of access for all key data in the business and corporate memory of all risk incidents.
  • Includes RM tips and tricks and user FAQs to raise the risk awareness in the business.

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