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Risk software for non-risk experts

GOAT Risk™ provides a platform to improve engagement, collaboration, identification, assignment, tracking, reporting and management of risk while embedding risk capability among users.

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Easy Risk Assessments

Drag and drop risk assessment scoring, to prioritise the risks and so users know this is not an exact science

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Risk Profiles

Easily create and review risk profiles in workshops with the team or on your own. Review and analyse risk profiles for each department, project, business activity or at the Board level.

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Risk Registers

Traditional risk register with a modern twist. Reporting and analysis at the touch of a button

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Controls Assessment

We guide you through a control self assessment thinking along key control types, to identify what’s in place and comment on their effectiveness. This helps risk owners formulate actions needed

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Action Tracker

Never miss a deliverable or due date by assigning action owners, workflow e-mail reminders and monitor status updates.

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Incident Reporting

Capture all your health and safety, operational, financial or reputational risk incidents in one place growing into a corporate memory and promote lessons learned

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KRI Tracker

Connect metrics to your risks to enable a date-led, performance management approach combined with the risk narrative and actions. When and where appropriate to introduce, this can be a huge step forward in terms of the value of risk management

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Custom Templates

We’ve set it up with a standard risk template but all the fields can be customised to fit your approach, change the labels, add or hide fields. Use it for other types of risks, lists or registers e.g. Health and Safety, supply chain or a compliance risk register

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More Features

Making it easy to capture, protect, find, assign, analyse, escalate and report on risks so you can focus on the behaviours, decisions, actions, and outcomes
  • Personalised Dashboard to see what you own and monitor KPIs/KRIs

  • Private profiles and risks for closed collaboration in sensitive areas

  • Advanced Search to find and analyse trends

  • Escalate risks to the right person at the right time

  • Invite new users by entering their e-mail address

  • Summary Report for the Board Committee and more useful reports

Helping to raise and embed risk capability

We know most users aren’t risk experts so we’ve filled GOAT Risk™ with tips, definitions and explanations to help them better understand risk management. These are all editable so you can make the system match your own process and language.

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Sensible pricing appropriate for all roles that deal with risk (risk expertise not required), suitable for organisations of all sizes and industries seeking simple, easy to use, pragmatic, yet professional risk management

  • Starter /mo

    1 Risk Profile*

    5 Users Additional Users £6/mo
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  • Standard /mo

    Up to 5 Risk Profiles*

    10 Users Additional Users £9/mo
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  • Enterprise /mo

    Unlimited Risk Profiles*

    30 Users 10 Additional Users £120/mo
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* A risk profile is an area of the business where you would assess and manage risk e.g. Board level, department, project, process, location, event or activity. We suggest one risk profile should contain 8-12 risks to focus management attention on what matters but organisations could have many risk profiles depending on their size and complexity.

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