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I’m a slightly rare breed of risk manager in that I’ve spent my entire 19 year career in Enterprise Risk Management, punching above my weight in almost every stakeholder interaction and learning from many great business leaders, fellow risk practitioners, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Without reinventing the wheel or deviating too far from the commonly accepted risk management standards, I’ve learned to make subtle adjustments, de-emphasising certain aspects while dialling up others to develop a unique ethos or approach to risk management that I know works.  To me, effective risk management is a useful and sustainable organisational capability that engages senior executives and helps inform decision making.   I’ve tested the approach in several Boardrooms of major FTSE listed businesses and was recognised recently at the 2018 CIR Risk Management Awards for ERM Strategy of the Year while at Barnett Waddingham where I deployed this strategy in a major corporate client and helped them uncover a potential material profit opportunity by integrating a clear risk management narrative with existing management information.  The simplicity and power of my risk management ethos gave me the courage to launch GOAT.

I’ve now synthesised this award-winning ethos and made this available in an online product called the GOAT RM Toolkit™ comprising 4 e-learning modules entitle Unlocking the Boardroom including  exercises, quizzes and downloadable tools and templates that can be easily incorporated straight into any risk management programme.

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