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GOAT RiskTM is a powerful cloud-based platform that can help step change your risk management by engaging senior stakeholders through data wrapped around the risk narrative to empower decision making.

Risk scoring is a quick prioritisation exercise against consistent set of definitions. It is not a quantification exercise.

We have made the scoring process easy with drag and drop that can be used in a live workshop environment

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Data wrapped around a risk management narrative ensures the right decisions and actions are taken

GOAT RiskTM provides a flexible and easy platform for KRIs with a full audit trail to aid data governance. As risk management cuts across the whole organisation, GOAT RiskTM has the potential to evolve into the single point of access for all key data in the business.

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Empowering users to engage with and manage risk, to take accountability, deliver measurable outcomes and escalate where needed

In addition to typical workflow and escalations, GOAT RiskTM also has built-in risk management tips and tricks designed for non-risk experts.

Monthly subscription based on number of risk profiles

Scale risk with confidence