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Embedding risk with GOAT

Membership, training coaching and community

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Support within a Community

A community that meets at fortnightly webinars delivering practical advice and sharing experiences

Coaching with a risk maturity framework

One to one coaching by competent business and risk professionals that embrace the GOAT philosophy. You will be able to benchmark your risk management before your first and last sessions.

*See First 5 registrants

E-Learning and toolkit to setup your own risk programme

4 Course Modules

  1. RM framework designed for your key stakeholders
  2. Workshops that work
  3. Data, where do we begin?
  4. Risk appetite defined and applied

Bonus content for your stakeholders

Programme officially starts 1 Dec 2020 but join anytime and you will have access for 12 full months

*First 5 registrants will be coached directly by our Founder and CEO Danny Wong
£2,200 inclusive VAT Or option to upgrade to monthly coaching sessions total £3,000
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Scale risk with confidence